Terms and Conditions

Dissertation Labs is a professional writing service and has set distinct conditions for the use of services. Your use of our services is therefore subject to our policy of the company. By submitting an order, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Use Of Services

  • Dissertation Labs is a custom writing service that aims to help students with referencing and researching a paper. Therefore, we denounce any use of our services for the purpose of commercial or illegal activity, such as plagiarism or piracy.
  • We allocate only highly competent and experienced academic writers for creating a model paper. They are professional and dedicated and only write superior quality paper.
  • The agreement between the client and Dissertation Labs will be set off once the client submits the first payment of the order and will be expired after the final delivery is made.
  • Dissertation Labs ensures only accurate papers according to the given instructions of the client. However, if the client has concerns about anything in the paper, the client can submit a complaint by contacting our Online Customer Support.
  • We request our clients to provide all the details related with the assignment in the order form. However, the clients can submit the missing details through our various online communication routes.

Cancellation Policy

Dissertation Labs is a committed writing company which is known for professionalism and dedication. Therefore, we never reject an order on the basis of its complexity or urgency. However, there are situations when it is not possible to execute an order due to any unforeseen circumstances. Hence, the company is authorised to cancel an order in any of the following cases:

  • If we cannot employ an appropriate academic writer for an assignment
  • If we are sure that an order cannot be completed keeping in mind the specified deadline
  • Or,

  • If a client commits a breach of contract

If Dissertation Labs cancels an order after receiving the payment, the client will then be furnished a full refund.

Privacy Policy

  • Personal Information Of Clients
  • Dissertation Labs requests all its clients to provide their personal details, including the name, email address(s) and contact information. The client can replace his/her name with an alias if he/she is not comfortable with revealing his/her identity. However, the remaining details must remain original as it is not possible for us to process an order without a genuine email ID and contact number. The company pledges that the client's personal information will be saved in a highly encrypted server.

  • Use of Client's Personal Information
  • The company requires personal information of the clients to execute an order and communicate them with details related with the order. In addition, we utilise personal information of our clients to give them updates on new services, promotional offers and special events. Rest assured, the personal information of the clients will never be accessible to any person.

    If a client is not willing to share this information with us, the client can sign out from our services any time. In that event, all the data of the client will be permanently deleted from our system.

  • Online Information
  • Dissertation Labs uses the cookies of the visitors who surf its website. This information allows us to identify the web pages with high bounce rate. In this way, we are able to make our website better and improve the performance of our web pages.
    The visitors can disable this feature by deactivating the cookies whenever they want. However, this will disallow them to access some important web pages of our website.

Refund Policy

The client is entitled to contact Dissertation Labs if he/she has concerns even after the 7 revisions of the dissertation. In the event of a valid complaint, we will either:

  • Hire a fresh academic writer to complete the order if we are certain that the order can be finished in the specified deadline
  • or,

  • Hand over refund to the client

The company cannot guarantee refund in the event of a negotiable error or slight delay in the delivery of order as such minor issues are insufficient for refund.

NOTE: In the case of overly-charged amount from client's credit card, the company will be responsible to give back the surplus amount to the client.

Contact And Dispute Agreement

  • If a client feels disgruntled about a paper, the client agrees to first inform the company prior to contacting any party for arbitration.
  • If both the parties cannot reconcile on the matter within 14 days, the client will then be free to seek any party for arbitration.
  • If the client is unsuccessful to contact the company before seeking an intermediary, the client will be deemed guilty of breaching contract and the matter will be sorted out accordingly.
  • Dissertation Labs assures that an order will be delivered to the given email address of the client on the specified date.
  • In the case of delayed delivery, the client will be eligible for full refund.
  • We provide delivery of an order without any additional charges.

24/7 Customer Support Service

  • Dissertation Labs will be responsible to assist the clients with round-the-clock Customer Support Service.
  • The company will assign only professional and supportive staff for providing online Customer Support to the clients.

100% Originality Assurance

  • Dissertation Labs gives surety that every dissertation written by its writers is 100% unique, original and plagiarism-free.
  • The company certifies the originality of every paper by providing a detailed anti-plagiarism report to the client.

NOTE: All the above mentioned statements are subject to change; therefore clients are requested to keep updated with any latest developments by visiting this page.